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Because Pull Toys are so addictive Please look for the following warning signs of addiction

You may be addicted if:

·        When you walk by your riding lawn mower you start wondering how you could tuck a four cylinder motorcycle engine in it.

·        When you try to explain to your wife how much more efficient a four cylinder engine would make your riding mower.

·        If you use "26 X 12 X 12 Pitbull Tires" more than once a day in a sentence.

·        If your friends mention to you that your pull toy consumes more alcohol than you do.

·        If you think the word "stock" means the same thing as "wimpy".

·        If you start looking over your daughters pink Barbie Jeep and wonder what it would look like with a set of "26 X 12 X 12 Pitbull Tires".

·        If your wife is expecting and you take her to the pulls and she goes into labor and you find your self telling her " The pull will be over soon and THEN we can go to the hospital" (True story)

·        If your neighbors call the police because you are "Fine Tuning" your pull toy at 6:AM Sunday morning.

·        If you hire a guy named Jose to take care of you lawn because you’re riding mower needs some "Down Time" between pulls.

·        If you can't figure out why your wife ran off with Jose, after all his riding mower only has a 15hp air cooled "stock" engine.

If you have any of these symptoms please get professional help.  I have the name and numbers of several good mechanics.

Remember above all, involve the whole family. You may need your own cheering section if you place last in your class consistently.

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