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The Puller’s Glossary

Bars- tread on a tractor tire.

Bench Pulling – Talking about pulling.

Bite – Traction.

Bitin’ Track – Power track.

Boat – Weight transfer machine to which the tractor hooks and pulls.

Box – Part of a weight transfer machine that carries and transfers the weight.

Buzz the tires – A lot of tire speed, without moving the sled much.  Results from either a hard track or not

enough weight at the rear of the tractor .

Cam – The camshaft, a revolving engine part that moves the valves up and down.

Carb – The carburetor.

Clay – The most desirable track surface.

Cut tires – Trim the tire bar to a preferred angle for maximum bite.

Cleats – The tread on a tractor tire, also know as bars.

DQ – Disqualification of the pull attempt i.e. tire touching the white track boundary.

Draw Bar – The part of the tractor or mini-rod which attaches to the chain and hook of the weight transfer machine.

Draw Bar Height – The distance between the draw bar and the track surface.

Drop the Hammer – Hitting the throttle hard.

Easy Chair – Soft, comfortable ride to victory.

Eyeball – Carefully inspecting something like an engine.

Full Pull – Pulling the entire length of the track.

Grenade – Damage to engine, usually terminal; motor ready to blow.

Hammer – Throttle.

Hauling the Freight – Pulling the weight transfer sled.

Headers – Exhaust pipes designed for free exhaust flow from the engine.

Hired Gun – A driver who drives tractors or mini-rods other than his or her own

Hole Shot – Getting the jump off the line, an excellent start.

Hook – The point of attachment to the tractor’s drawbar.  Also, competing at a pull.

Hook Points – Points received for attempting a pull.

Hooked Up – Tires getting a good bite on the track.

Kill Switch – A required hookup that automatically kills the engine if the tractor becomes unhooked from the sled or activated by the sled operator if an unsafe condition exists.

Miss the Balance – Improper weight balance on a tractor.

Out the End – Full pull.

Pan – Part of the weight transfer machine that makes contact with the track to create the friction necessary to stop the tractor.

Power Track – A track with good bite or traction.

Pull a Wheelie – The front end of the tractor rearing up in the air.

Pull-Off – A second run with a heavier sled for two or more vehicles that pull equal distances or make full pulls to determine a winner

Purse – The total prize money.

Put It On The Wood – Apply full throttle.

Read the Track – Determine track conditions (soil type, soil texture, etc) for weighting the tractor and spotting the sled.

Second Attempt – If, on the first try, the tractor doesn’t move the sled past the 50’ line, the puller can try again.

Skid – The pad.

Sled – The weight transfer machine.

Spin Out – Spinning tires at the end of a pull with no forward motion.

Spotting the Sled – Puller choosing where the sled will sit along the start line for there pull attempt.

Squeaked It Out – Barely pulling the full length of the track.

Staged – Lined up at the starting line.

Wheelie – Lifting the front wheels off the ground

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