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Lone Star Garden Tractor Pullers is proud to bring garden tractor and mini rod pulling to North Central Texas.  We provide affordable family entertainment for community festivals and celebrations. 


Tractors are custom built tractors, built to withstand pulling competition.  Tractors range from single and twin cylinder engine garden tractors to motorcycle and automotive engine powered mini-rods.


Pullers converge from North Central Texas and sometimes from out of state to compete for trophy and cash awards.  These pullers come together in the spirit of friendly competition, just to see whose tractor can pull a weight transfer sled the farthest.


If you have any questions or would like to schedule a pull, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.  Contact: Steve Hovind 214-677-8134  hovinds@sbcglobal.net




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Lone Star Garden Tractor Pullers Association is a volunteer supported organization.  Thank You for visiting our web site, please be sure to check out our links on the left for additional information.

What is Garden Tractor Pulling?


Video Clips of different Classes pulling,,,

Tractor pulling competition is where a garden tractor or custom built mini-rod tractor drags a mechanical weight transfer machine, called the sled, down a dirt track toward the full pull line.  The winner is determined by who pulls the sled the farthest.


Tractors are divided into classes for competition.  Classes range from garden tractors to high performance mini-rods.  Classes start with garden tractors powered by stock small engines and progress to alter stock engines, motorcycle engines and on to automotive engine powered pullers.

All tractors must pass a strict safety inspection.  One safety feature is the kill switch, all tractors are equipped with a kill switch that automatically kills the engine if the tractor becomes unhooked from the sled or activated by the sled operator.

Another safety feature is the tip-over or wheelie bars.  These keep the tractor from tipping over backwards.  They also have bumpers incorporated into their design keep the sled from contacting the tractor.  Other safety measures are also incorporated into our Rules.  We make sure that tractors run all safety devices or they just don’t pull. 

The Sled

How a weight transfer machine (sled) works.   A tractor, by means of a chain, is hooked to the skidpan of the sled.   As the tractor pulls the sled down the track, weight that’s in a box positioned at the rear of the sled is automatically transferred forward toward the skid pan.  This transfer of weight forward makes the sled increasing harder to pull forcing the tractor to either run out of traction or engine power.


 Weight Transfer Machine - "The Sled"


Pulling is done on a moist dirt track that measure 20 ft wide and 150 to 200 ft long.  White stripes 20 ft wide define the boundary of the track.  Crossing a white stripe results in the immediate stopping and disqualification of the pull attempt, unless it's a full pull!  Each competitor has the option of “spotting” the sled on the starting line to start their pull.

List of Terms

No Man’s Land - Safety area between track and spectators.

Track - 20’ wide by 150 to 200’ long dirt pulling surface that also extends into the staging and run out areas.  Track needs to be moist approximately 4-6” deep.

Staging Area - The area where tractors wait their turn to pull.

Starting Line - The point where the sled is positioned for the puller, the point from which measurement starts.

Spotting the Sled - Each competitor may position (spot) the sled to the left or right of center on the starting line when it is there turn to pull.

Shut down area - First 50 feet of the track in which the puller can shutdown their tractor if they have a problem. Pullers have one additional attempt to complete their pull.

Out of Bounds - White boundary lines that competitors may not touch.  Doing so results in immediate stopping of the pull attempt and pull attempt disqualification.

Run out area - Open safety area at the end of track for pullers to exit.

Full Pull - A puller pulls front of sled past the measurable track length.  If more than two competitors make a full pull, the sled is changed and pull-off takes place to determine a winner.


LSGTPA provides:

Garden and Mini-Rod Tractor pulling entertainment

Pull organization - complete operation of the pull

Liability Insurance

Garden and Mini-Rod tractors

Pulling Sled - self propelled weight transfer type pulling sled

Track marking and layout

PA System


Electric generator         


Host provides:

Moist Dirt Track 20ft by 150-200+ft plus staging and run out areas

Pit Area with parking for pullers

Spectator facilities - bleachers, concessions, restrooms, etc.  We can
provide pit and track boundary posts & caution tape for spectator control.


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